1. Bombshell Notecard

    Bombshell Notecard

    Starting at $125.00
    Letterpress 5.5x4.25" notecard Learn More
  2. Doodles by CP

    Doodles by CP

    Starting at $55.00
    Introducing the new creative way to preserve those precious doodles drawn by your lovely littles, those oh so cute kiddos, Doodles by Cotton Paperie! It is as easy as pie to get started. Upload a black and white picture of your child's artwork, let us know the colors you would like printed, then we will contact you with a digital proof of your notecards. The perfect gift for mothers and fathers, grandmothers and grandfathers, or anyone else that loves your children, and also loves art. In such a fast paced, technology driven world, how awesome would it be to get our children excited about the hand-written note! Create a custom birthday card for your child to give at all of those birthday bashes, or a custom thank you card to that wonderful teacher. Your options are endless, and we are excited to create something awesome together! Learn More
  3. Elegant Foil Notecard

    Elegant Foil Notecard

    Starting at $195.00
    Personalized Notecard. Learn More
  4. Fun Name Notecard

    Fun Name Notecard

    Starting at $125.00
    Personalized Notecard. Learn More
  5. Hot Air Balloon Notecards

    Hot Air Balloon Notecards

    Starting at $30.00
    These hand made notecards have a custom illustrated hot air balloon that is gold foil stamped on 100% cotton stock. Each set includes 10 notecards and 10 envelopes. The standard paper is 21pt thick and we also have options for paper colors, thicker papers, custom shapes and beveled edges painted gold. Learn More
  6. Letterpress Notecards

    Letterpress Notecards

    Starting at $125.00
    Custom notecards are a great way to say thank you, send a personal message or for any correspondence in general. We’ll print your custom design for personal use, business, or anything else using letterpress and foil stamping Learn More
  7. Logo Notecard

    Logo Notecard

    Starting at $125.00
    Personalized Notecard. Learn More
  8. Modern & Engraved

    Modern & Engraved

    Starting at $200.00
    Engraved #10 Notecards Learn More
  9. Monogram Foil Notecard

    Monogram Foil Notecard

    Starting at $195.00
    Personalized Notecard. Learn More
  10. Monogram Notecard

    Monogram Notecard

    Starting at $165.00
    Custom Monogram Notecard Learn More
  11. Script Name Notecard

    Script Name Notecard

    Starting at $125.00
    Personalized Notecard. Learn More
  12. Simple Monogram Notecard

    Simple Monogram Notecard

    Starting at $135.00
    Personalized Notecard. Learn More
  13. Straight & Narrow Notecard

    Straight & Narrow Notecard

    Starting at $175.00
    Two Color Notecard Learn More
  14. Wisteria Note Card

    Wisteria Note Card

    Starting at $175.00
    Bring back the art of handwritten notes on these gorgeous letterpress note cards. The gorgeous blind deboss wisteria is the perfect accent to your name or monogram. The pictured note card was printed with 1 color letterpress and blind deboss. It is brought to life on our fluorescent white crane lettra 220lb paper. Learn More